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Seaman Family Centre

Welcome to the Seaman Family MR Research Centre web site.

The Seaman Family Centre is the result of a unique collaboration between the People of Calgary, the Province of Alberta, The Faculty of Medicine at The University of Calgary, and the then Calgary Health Region (now part of Alberta Health Services). Support from the Seaman Family was instrumental in establishing the Centre, which officially opened on 8 September 1999. A list of key milestones can be found here.

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Infrastructure and Personnel

Since 1999, the Seaman Family Centre has grown to become one of Canada's leading imaging research programs. There are now over 100 people using the Centre's infrastructure for a variety of research projects.



Collectively, our research efforts are focused on advancing medical imaging techniques in both basic sciences and clinical medicine. Science, engineering and other technical disciplines play key roles in enabling the Centre's transformative ability to understand and detect disease and develop and deliver novel treatments to a range of patients.

Fun Stuff

In addition to our commitments to research and education, the Seaman Family Centre investigators, staff and trainees are engaged in various fun activities in Calgary and surrounding areas of Alberta.



Major participating academic programs at the University of Calgary include the Departments of Clinical Neurosciences, Psychology, Psychiatry and Radiology. Strong connections also exist with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and research trainee programs in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Sciences, and Neuroscience.