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Booking a Subject?

To book a subject in an approved study:

  • For research-only studies (defined here), please use the on-line form.
  • For clinical-research studies (defined here), please use the on-line form and provide a clinical requisition to Fran Raymond by fax (403) 944-3622.

For both research-only and clinical research studies a copy of the subject screening sheet and signed consent (signature page only) need to be faxed to Fran at time of booking ((403) 944-3622). Please ensure that the Research Subject Name and Research Study ID (per the on-line booking form) are included on these documents.  The on-line form is only accessible from an AHS or U of C network (if you are offsite you can access through a VPN connection).  Questions about the online form?  See the FAQ.

The Intra-operative MR scanner is scheduled through Surgical Services.

Questions? Please contact Frances.Raymond [at] or (403) 944 1800.

Important Information

Early Morning Scans (8h-9h)

This slot is intended for some urgent studies (defined here) but is also available for booking of other subjects. When booking in this slot, please be aware that there is a chance that your subject might be bumped for an urgent research study. We estimate this occurs about 10%-20% of the time. We will do our best to accommodate your subject, but there may be occasions where they will need to be rescheduled.

Urgent Scans (13h-14h)

This slot is reserved for examinations that are approved as urgent studies (defined here). This is necessary since a number of approved studies have 24 h or less notice of the need to image a subject. To book one of these studies, please use the on-line book form and call Fran Raymond to request times on these days.

Weekend Research Scanning Sessions

The 3 T Diagnostic Scanner is available for research studies on the following Saturdays. Please use the on-line book form to request times on these days. Note that investigators will need to ensure that a Level 1 or higher trained person accompanies the subject.

Saturday 21 January 2017 Saturday 25 February 2017 Saturday 18 March 2017
Saturday 25 March 2017 (rescheduled due to renovations) Saturday 13 May 2017 Saturday 10 June 2017