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3 T Intra-Operative MR Scanner

The 3 T Intra-operative MR Scanner is primarily used for imaging prior to, during, and after neurosurgery in order to aid in surgical planning, intra-dissection imaging, and end-of-procedure verification.  In January 2009, the intra-operative scanner was upgraded from a 1.5 T system to a 3 T system. With this upgrade, the imaging capabilities of the system were greatly improved, allowing a variety of advanced MR techniques, such as diffusion tensor and perfusion imaging, to be performed.

Our surgical robotics program is based on this system. The intra-operative research programs remains a collaborative effort with IMRIS, a Winnipeg, Manitoba based company. For more information, please visit the IMRIS website to learn more about this technology, and the neuroArm website to see how surgical robotics is been used at the Centre neuroArm, an MR-compatible image-guided surgical robotic system has been designed to interface with the intra-operative MR scanner. For more information about neuroArm, please see the neuroArm website.


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