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The Seaman Family Centre is housed in a 800 m2 research facility located between Foothills Medical Centre and the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine (see Centre location).

There are two MR scanners located within the Centre, both of which are dedicated research instruments.

Principle commercial partners are General Electric Healthcare for 3 T diagnostic imaging, and IMRIS for 3 T intra-operative imaging.

Other key research infrastructure that are devoted to research include: 

The Hotchkiss Brain Institute, via the NeuroImaging Research Unit (NIRU), provides additional support for EEG and fMRI experiments, If you are a full member of the HBI, please contact Brad Goodyear at goodyear [at] for details.

The HBI via the Hopewell Professorship in Brain Imaging provides additional support toward Brain Imaging activities at the Seaman Family Centre.