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Image Analysis and Archival Facility

Image Analysis and Archival Facility

The computing infrastructure in the Seaman Family Centre was initially developed in 2002 and forms the backbone of our image analysis and assessment capabilities. We have a variety of MacOS and Windows servers and over 40 Apple workstations, which are linked by gigabit Ethernet. The software cornerstone of this infrastructure is our research PACS (picture archiving and communications system) from Intelerad. The facility was initially funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (now Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions). A number of free and commercial software packages are supported.

The infrastructure is continually upgraded and was enhanced in late 2009 with an additional 20 Tbytes of redundant, mirrored storage from Dell/EMC.  In 2011, another 10 Tbytes of redundant storage became available for the networked user accounts in the Centre.

Most recently (early 2012), two new Dell storage systems were implemented in conjuction with the Calgary Image Processing and Analysis Centre (CIPAC). This latest infrastructure consists of another 180 Tbytes of RAW storage, configured as RAID60 and replicate across locations at the Foothills Medical Center and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. July 2012 marked the unvailing of a Terarecon processing system which provides new image processing capabilites at the Seaman Family Centre. The CIPAC infrastcuture includes a direct network connection to the CANARIE research network and was funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Alberta Science and Research Investments Program.             

Mark Winder (IT Coordinator, Seaman Family Centre IT Support, 403 944-2824) supports and manages the operation of this facility. Access to this infrastructure is typcially on a cost-recovery basis.

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